From September 17-22, Cinédanse 2019 comes to the new Ottawa Arts Court

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An Ottawa premiere, from September 17 to 22!

The Cinédanse event, under the theme “Healing Scars”, is coming to the new Arts Court

Montréal, July 24th, 2019 – From September 17 to 22, the nomadic Cinédanse is coming to the fully modernized Ottawa Arts Court to hold its third edition. Cinédanse Ottawa 2019, under the theme “Healing Scars”, will spread dance through screens and interact with other artistic disciplines. The works displayed will allow the public of the greater Canadian Capital region to question social issues, renew their perspectives and their senses.

The programming will revolve around the theme of health and wellness in a spirit of healing, going beyond the superficial. An important part of the works presented to us to discuss our connections to others, to strangers, and to the marginalized in order to challenge indifference and isolation in our communities.

Inspired by the short film “Healing Scars”

“Healing Scars” is inspired by the short film co-directed by Zibi Kitigan Native Darian Smith. A student at Ottawa ‘s Algonquin College, Darian Smith hopes to become a doctor. Numerous creators, both Canadian and from abroad, will testify through their films and practices of the exchange that they exert in our communities by the ritual dance, neglected in our individualized societies. Because “dance creates relationships, it repairs, transforms, and regenerates” explains the curator Sylvain Bleau.

This artistic position will be represented by these connected themes:

  • Being a woman today;
  • The diversity of female and male models, of genders, the affirmation of multiple identities;
  • Love in a time of heterosexual deconstruction of the idea of ​​a couple;
  • Our troubled relations with old age, sickness, death, youthfulness we wished was eternal, filiation;
  • Our acts of resistance, in intimacy, in community;
  • The abused, despised; the differences between people.

Program Overview

  • 80 art films, including six documentary feature films on dance and 10 short films by Canadian Aboriginal Youth produced by Wapikoni Mobile;
  • International programming: Algeria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Israel, United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia;
  • Nine performances, including three in situ walkers in the Rideau neighborhood and the University of Ottawa campus;
  • A Symposium on Health, “New Perspectives in Dance and Health in Our Communities” which will include screenings followed by artists, researchers, academics and the public; public workshops including one on Pow Wow and one for people with movement disabilities, cerebral palsy, and Parkinson’s;
  • A dancing “Lunch Beat”, with DJ at the Ogilvy pedestrian square, Front of the Rideau Center;
  • Screenings of “Cinédanse Under the Stars”, every evening, on our screens at Ogilvy square and at the SAW Gallery’s outdoor courtyard, the new partner of Cinédanse who inaugurated its facilities this past Friday, July 19th.

The full program will be unveiled in mid-August, at a local press conference featuring the artists and the choreographer headliner who will open the event (broadcast on Facebook live).

About La Caravane de Phoebus

Next editions in Montréal in 2012 and in Québec City in 2015, La Caravane de Phoebus takes the road again and, for its third edition, will be in Ottawa at the arts complex of the Arts Court, the complete reinvented complex of the Canadian Capital, in the heart of the bustling Rideau neighbourhood.

Founded by Sylvain Bleau eight years ago, La Caravane de Phoebus, a non-profit organization, is the producer of the nomadic event Cinédanse and related activities; it presents works from the world dance, revolve around: movies, visual arts and digital arts. Passionate about dance, Sylvain Bleau has been working in the arts for nearly 25 years. He was a member of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal’s management team in the second half of the 90s, under the artistic direction of Lawrence Rhodes, his mentor. During the first half of the 2000s, with choreographer Edward Lock at La La La Human Steps, he participated in the international success of ballet and film Amelia. In 2008, Sylvain contributed to the revival of Montréal’s avant-garde Théâtre La Chapelle, at the invitation of Jack Udashkin.

Thank you to our partners!

ODD Ottawa Dance Directive, University of Ottawa’s Theater Department and its LabO, SAW Gallery, Ottawa Art Gallery, SAW Video Media Center, Ottawa School of Dance, and the Arts Court.


(1) RGS2 (2019), a film by Colin Power, choreography by Yvonne Coutts (Ottawa), performed by Kay Kenney, photo: Ben Welland. (2) Healing Scars (2014), a film by Darian Smith & Kritina Decontie (Kitigan Zibi). (3) CODA (2013), a film by Martine Époque and Denis Poulin (Montréal)

Cinédanse Ottawa 2019

Sylvain Bleau
Curator and Producer of Ottawa Cinédanse 2019

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