Cinedanse Sept-Îles 2024 “Healing scars/Nanatushitishutau”

Our Caravan is coming to Sept-Îles, Uashat and Moisie for its 6th edition

Montréal, Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Under the theme “Healing scars/Nanatushitishutau”, our nomadic event Cinédanse will present its 6th edition in Sept-Îles, Uashat and Moisie over three phases:

  1. the pre-festival workshops La danse du faune/Pakutishkuauat nimuat from May 22 to 25 with New York choreographer Tamar Rogoff,
  2. the Cinédanse festival from July 23 to 28,
  3. and the Professional Meetings open to the public “ Insights into our Dances in the Digital Era ” from September 24 to 26.

The event is held in collaboration with the Atelier of the 8e île and its director, multidisciplinary artist Johanne Roussy, the Côte-Nord Regional Museum, the Shaputuan Museum, the Escale Musicale of the Sept-Îles city and the Cégep de Sept-Îles.

Sept-Îles 2024 : Healing scars/Nanatushitishutau

“What makes the Côte-Nord (Nitassinan) so rich is its far distance from major centers, and the immense value of its cultural heritage. Music, visual arts, poetry and storytelling are all very present. In the nomadic age, dance was practiced by the average person. Our nomadic Cinédanse event will be coming to meet Sept-Îles audience so that the art of dance can flourish on the banks of the St. Lawrence and Rivière Moisie. There’s real fertile ground in Sept-Îles and in the region, for dance to take root in theatres, museums, out under the stars and on the riverside.”

– declared Sylvain Bleau, director of La Caravane de Phoebus, producer of Cinédanse.

Highlighting artists

Innu poet and storyteller Joséphine Bacon, choreographer Sylvie Mercier (Tadoussac), dancer Mikaël Xystra Montminy and the Tam ti delam band (Sept-Îles), Cree dancer Gary McFarland (Uashat mak Mani-Utenam), Franco-Moroccan performer 2Fik (Montreal), filmmakers Thérèse Ottawa (Manawan) and Béatriz Mediavilla (Rouyn-Noranda), Montrealer choreographer Ariane Boulet, dancers Monique Léger (Acadian Peninsula) and Lana Morton (Ottawa), New York choreographer and performer Jil Guyon, French artists Olivia Grandville (La Rochelle) and Thierry Thieû Niang (Paris), and choreographer and performer Simone Gomis (Belgium-Senegal).

Opening the festival at the Chapelle du Vieux-Poste:

  • Poetic Makusham with Joséphine Bacon;
  • Argentique by Olivia Grandville;
  • Shen/Esprit by Sylvie Mercier and Mikaël Xystra Montminy.

Call for submissions for the 5th Prix Lumière, awarded in September by an international jury to an artist for outstanding work. Submit your short film before June 21, 2024.

Call for submissions & Prix Lumière

Submit your latest short film marrying dance to cinema and new technologies to complete the Cinédanse Sept-Îles 2024 programmation.

Among the submissions received, we will nominate films for the Prix Lumière 2024.

Eligibility criteria

  • All dance shorts of any style will be considered;
  • Films must have been made between 2023 and the present;
  • No virtual reality or 3D works will be accepted.

Application form

  • Short description of your film (maximum 100 words) ;
  • Technical file including : Type of film, length, main credits, country and year of production;
  • Full-length film via Vimeo or YouTube link only.

Please send your application to no later than: June 21, 2024.

Check out the pre-festival series of workshops and screenings with New York choreographer Tamar Rogoff from May 22 to 25!

Places limited for workshops | Free screenings and workshops

The detailed festival program will be unveiled in June, and that of the Professional Meetings “Insights into our Dances in the Digital Era” in August. Stay tuned!

Thanks to all our partners!

Canadian Heritage, Employment and Social Development Canada, Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale du Québec, Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec, Consulat Général de France à Québec, Ciné-Corps (France),

L’Atelier de la 8e île, Côte-Nord Regional Museum and its Chapelle du Vieux-Poste, Shaputuan Museum, Escale Musicale of the City of Sept-Îles and its Tente jaune, Cégep of Sept-Îles, Culture Côte-Nord, dance and yoga school – Fandango, AFUSI – Association des Femmes Unies of Sept-Îles, Alpha Lira Center, Jean-du-Nord High School, Petrie Raymond.

About Cinédanse

Founded by Sylvain Bleau thirteen years ago, La Caravane de Phœbus, an organization driven by humanist and progressive values – producer of the Cinédanse event and related activities, works in dance and many other disciplines that revolve around it: cinema, visual arts, digital arts and poetry.

Cinédanse began in Montreal in 2012, then travelled to Quebec City in 2015, Ottawa in 2019 and Rouyn-Noranda in 2022, under the theme “Loving, aging and dancing! The 5th edition of Cinédanse took place in Caraquet in 2023 under the theme “L’éveil de la Méduse!”, and the next edition will be held in Sept-Îles under the theme “Healing scars/Nanatushitishutau ”.

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