Sandy Silva and Marlene Millar recipients of the Prix Lumière 2015 for the movie Lay Me Low

Cinédanse Québec is proud to announce the winner of the first “Prix Lumière”. This prize will be handed during the last evening of the event Cinédanse Québec 2015, on sunday, september 27th, at 4 pm.

The winners
The movie Lay Me Low by Sandy Silva and Marlene Millar was selected by the jury chaired by Martine Époque. The jury liked the sobriety, the efficiency and the authenticity of the performance that work together to make a unique, bright and universal piece”.

The jury
Besides Martine Époque, the jury was composed of : Kathleya Afanador, director of TenduTV’s program and artistic content (New-York); Josianne Desloges, journalist and visual arts columnist at Le Soleil; Sébastien Hudon, art director of Bande-Vidéo from Quebec; Greta Schoenberg, art director and founder of San Francisco Dance Film Festival; Mor Shani, young Israeli choreographer-performer.

The prize
The recipients will receive a residence of three weeks (total value of 20 000 $) to create, in Quebec, a new movie of art. This work must be finished in time to be presented during the third edition of Cinédanse, in 2017. Sylvain Bleau thanks, for their generosity, the artistic directions of Spira, La Bande-Video and the Rotonde centre chorégraphique contemporain de Québec, which each offered one week of residence, their equipments and technical services in order for this prize to be constituted.

Mr. Bleau named this prize “Prix Lumière” in allusion to the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière who, already at the end of the 19th century, in the first steps of the cinema, experimented with dance on screen with their movie Danse Serpentine (1896).