Sunday September 22


 Mother-Earth Bursts

Brunch screenings

Short-film screenings

11 am | LabO
60 Waller
(Other entrances: 10 Daly, 50 Mackenzie-King)

“Our ancestors were dancing in the rain. How do today’s artists dance in our world?”

Danser les arbres
A short-film by Alain Audet, Christiane Simard (Québec City)

“Through the dance of scented conifers, I move forward. I advance with black spruce steps. Adrift, I advance. I walk by feeling the Earth, animated by the forces of sulfur.” –Dr. Jean Désy, poet

Dir.: Christine Simard & Alain Audet | Québec, Canada | 2018 | 21’57

A short-film by Chantal Caron (St-Jean-Port-Joli)

In these films, Chantal Caron draws inspiration from the St. Lawrence River and the banks that surround it to question our relationship to life, nature and our environment. Chantal Caron was chosen by the David Suzuki Foundation as an ambassador for her region.

Clémentine hasbeen selected at SFDFF (San Francisco dance film festival 2019)

Dir.: Chantal Caron & Albert Girard | Chor.: Chantal Caron | QC | 2019 | 7’40

Élégie dans la neige
A short-film by Lise Gagnon (Montréal)

This film is a tribute to the legendary artist Françoise Sullivan, signatory of the Refus Global of 1948. It portrays a raw dance, between form and formless, that leaves a mark in the snow.

L’étreinte des Valkyries
A short-film by Alan Lake (Québec)

The artist continues his close exploration between the body and the environment around it. Through interior landscapes, he evokes the cycles of life and death. He speaks of loss, the traces we leave behind, the sublime, and the physical memory of the body.

Dir. et Chor.: Alan Lake | Qc | 2019 | 16’29

Our last Aria (2018)
A film by Scotty Hardind (United-States)

Moving to the rhythm of the end of the world, two survivors flee the impending disaster.

Dir.: Scotty Hardwig | USA | 2018 | 7’14

Louise Lecavalier: In Motion

A film by Raymond St-Jean (Montréal)

Documentary screening

2 pm | LabO
60 Waller
(Other entrances: 10 Daly, 50 Mackenzie-King)
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“Louise Lecavalier has haunted the stages of the world for almost 40 years!”

Louise Lecavalier began her career in the early 1980s in the famous dance company La La La Human Steps, founded and directed by choreographer Édouard Lock, who made her his muse. Since then, Louise Lecavalier has given herself to dance with a passion she continues today in her own choreographies. At 60, she still performs around the world.

The feature documentary Louise Lecavalier: In Motion offers a cinematic take at the work and life of the famous dancer and choreographer. Spectacular dances and exclusive interviews create an intimate portrait of an artist still in quest of absolute movement.

In the program:

A short-film by Nodin Wawadie (Kitigan Zibi)

Nodin expresses his Anishnaabe pride through hip hop dance.

Dir.: Nodin Wawadie | Nation: Anishanbe | Kitigan Zibi | Canada | 2010 | 2’45

Modern Women

Closing program

Mixed program of performances and screenings

5 pm | LabO
60 Waller
(Autres entrées: 10 Daly, 50 Mackenzie-King)
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“The dancing modern woman. In New-York, Montréal, or Ottawa. From Zimbabwe, or over Skype.”

A film by Colin Power (Toronto) and Yvonne Coutts (Ottawa)

The sequined dress of the modern woman cannot hide the pressures of her life. RGS2 is the first on-screen dance creation for Yvonne Coutts, who has led the Ottawa Dance Directive (ODD) since 2010

Dir.: Colin Power | Chor.: Yvonne Coutts | Perf.: Kay Kenney | Ottawa, Canada | 2019 | 11′11

A film by Jessie Lhôte and Harold Rhéaume, with Lana Morton (Ottawa)

Inspired by her mother, Lana Morton interprets the femme fatale who has learned to live through the eyes of others. She is deconstructed.

Dir.: Jessie Lhôte | Chor.: Harold Rhéaume | Perf.: Lana Morton | Canada | 5′

Desert Widow
A performance by Jil Guyon (New York City)

Haunting and wonderful. -Houston Press

New Yorker Jil Guyon, the muse of Cinédanse Québec in 2015, comes to Ottawa for the first time to present her series of Widow films as an installation (Friday, September 20, 6:30 p.m.), as well as one of her live performances, Desert Widow. Her mysterious Widow character, a sort of bereaved femme fatale, is freely adapted from Ridley Scott’s first Blade Runner. Her performance is combined with the screening of the film of the same name, shot at the famous Utah Salt Flats.

Dir.: Jil Guyon | Perf. Jil Guyon; DP. Valerie Barnes; Comp. Mihoko Suzuki | USA | 2015 | 10:54

Trou (les beaux jours)
A Skype performance by Manu Roque, with Émilie Morin (Montréal)

Like a cubist painting by Picasso, Trou is a mediated intimacy. This video-performance on Skype is a cross between Beckett’s “Happy Days” and Verlaine’s poem “Sentimental Dialogue”. Hypnotizing.

A film by Alla Kovgan (Russia) and David Hinton (United-Kingdom)

Nora is an immersion into the life of dancer Nora Chipaumire, born in Zimbabwe in 1965. In this film, Nora returns to the country where she grew up and travels to the places of the memories of her youth.

Dir.: Alla Kovgan & David Hinton VS | 2008 | 36′

À ne pas manquer

Modern Women

Sunday 22 Sept. | 5 pm | LabO

Closing program - A mix of performances and projections. The dancing modern woman. In New York City, Montréal or Ottawa. From Zimbabwe or over Skype. Guest artists: Lana Morton, Yvonne Coutts, Jil Guyon, Emilie Morin and Alla Kovgan.

Mother Earth Bursts

Sunday 22 Sept. | 11 am I LabO

Brunch screenings - Our ancestors were dancing in the rain. How do today's artists dance our world?

Louise Lecavalier: In motion

Sunday 22 Sept. | 2 pm | LabO

Documentary screening - This feature film offers a cinematic take at the work and life of the famous dancer and choreographer Louise Lecavalier, who still dances on the stages of the world at 60 years old.